Why Choose Virtual Card

Will you be using Virtual Card for personal or business use?

Personal Spending Card

Take control of your online purchases and shop securely without exposing your bank card.

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Business Spending Card

Issue cards and assign them to employess. You decide when to stop cards or add more funds.

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Create Merchant Locked Card

Virtual prepaid Cards lock to the first merchant they are used at. If the Merchant is ever compromised, your card number can never be used anywhere else, giving you an extra layer of protection.


3 min ago


$20 limit

Locked to merchant

Monitor Your Spend

Create a Spend limit on each card to block hidden fees and double charges on recurring expenses. If a transaction goes over the limit, it will automatically decline.




With Virtual Card you can

Shop Online
Mobile Reload
Buy Tickets
Stream Music
Pay Bills
Pay Subscription Fee
Buy Games
Book Flights


Easy Onboarding

Sign up and start using payments, money transfers and account services in a couple of clicks anywhere in Europe, even from the comfort of your home office.

Account History

Review all transaction history, outgoing expenses, money transfers, and invoice payments - all in one place.

PDF Statements

Download and share statements of your online payments and completed transactions for invoices or accounting purposes.

Limit Management

Set monthly and annual spending limits to have more control over your corporate expenditures. You can change these limits easily, anytime.


Regulated by the Central Bank of Bulgaria. Passported across to the EEA.

Principal member of Mastercard®.

Risk-free fund holding in the Central Bank of Bulgaria, reliable banking and financial institutions.

PSD2 self-compliant, ensuring extra security for transactions, payments & Customer data.