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Virtual Card Number

How to Make Unique Virtual Card Numbers

Online credit card fraud is a big problem. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, there were over 1,100 data breaches last year and 171 million records exposed as a result of these breaches. In addition, as many as 46% of all Americans have been impacted by data breaches in the past 5 years according to research by ACI Worldwide.

How can I generate unique card numbers for my online purchases?

How can I generate unique card numbers for my online purchases? provides a solution that allows you to generate unique card numbers for free for your online purchases. There are no monthly fees or transaction fees for using our unique card numbers. We only make money off interchange (the fee that the merchant pays for accepting a debit or credit card), and we will never sell your personal data. These unique Privacy card numbers are temporary and don’t come with a physical card, but can be used at almost all merchants online.

Reasons why you might want to use unique card numbers

People use unique card numbers for many reasons. Many of them value their solitude and the fact that you can spend in concealment (using a fictitious billing name and address). Some enjoy the added control it provides over their spending. Others enjoy the fact that you can prevent merchants from rebilling you automatically for subscription purchases.

How are’s unique card numbers different from other providers? is committed to providing a reliable, trustworthy, and free service to all of our users. We seek to build simple products that keep you safe without getting in the way of your life. Lastly, you can submit your personal information with confidence. Your security and privacy are core to our business. never sells customer information.

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