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Personal IBAN account in EURO/GBP

  • Open online account with just two personal documents
  • Get a unique European IBAN
  • Instant Prepaid Mastercard tailored to your personal/business needs
  • No hidden fees and personalized pricing plans

Personal IBAN Account

All the advantages of an IBAN account from GetVirtualCard

Money Transfers

Enjoy affordable SEPA transfer, send international transfers with UK Faster Transfer. Instant and free transfers to other GetVirtualCard users.

Multiple Accounts

After opening a personal account with Fibanq, you can open even more accounts from your dashboard.

Safe Account

Your money and financial information are completely safe with GetVirtualCard! You can be sure that all your transactions will be safe.

Convenient Financial

Keep your money in different accounts with convenient currencies. Get paid, send money to family and friends, exchange funds and more!

Personal Cards

Personal Wallet users can order both virtual and physical Visa debit cards from Fibanq to shop online and around the world.

Personal accounts

Open your personal account just in 3 steps?

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  • Step 2
  • Step 3

Sign up with your email and mobile number, Secure account by Passcode .Get Verified within 5-10 minutes

Open Account in EUR or GBP

Add fund to your available account , Transfer fund from any 3rd parties bank


What is Personal Account?

A personal account is an account dedicated to individual’s personal financial activities like for payments, transfers, expense tracking, salary crediting, and other daily spending for personal use. Similar to bank accounts and deliver the same functionality in a convenient

What types of accounts do we offer? (Personal \ Freelancer)

A personal account is a one-step solution with a unique European IBAN and virtual and Mastercard payment cards for secure everyday purchases. You can also use this account as a freelancer account allows you to manage your multiple accounts in EURO or GBP and instantly get multiple virtual cards with transparent pricing

What documents are required to open a Personal account or Individual account?

1. Online application form via Web or Mobile Apps.
2. High-quality colored scan of the passport or national ID.
3. Proof of address.
4. Verification through the Sumup.

Is there any Mastercard included with Personal Account?

Yes, to apply Prepaid Card, simple click on Apply Prepaid Card, get your preferred virtual card in EUR or GBP. Reload your prepaid card by selecting Account to Card.

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