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Payment Solution

Modern Payments Solution

Get faster, more reliable transactions. Higher conversions. Unbeatable insight and flexibility. So you can delight your customers and unlock new revenue streams. Get a radically transparent view of your payments data and instant insights you can change your world with.

Grow anywhere with local acquiring in major markets, 150+ currencies and most popular payment methods.

Better payments, unlimited opportunities

Our Payment Solution delivers a frictionless payment experience for your customers

Fraud & disputes

Manage risk and be more confident about fighting fraud with our fully integrated solution.

Verified Customer

Allow a user to send, receive and hold a balance on your application for payments needs.

Send & Request

Transfer and request money without account restrictions to any member.

Split Payment Enabled

Also includes the all new split payment feature with zero interest.


Interactions result in unique identifiers instead of transmitting sensitive data payments of your users.

Realtime Web Monitoring

Get analytics in real time so that your business decisions are always on point.

Automated Notifications

Different customer types and markets require different messaging requirements.

Multi-Payment Method

Process credit cards, internet banking, and PayPal transactions on a single integration.

Send, collect or facilitate with our payments solution.

Create a Customer

Onboard a customer to receive funds or verify their identity for full functionality for payments.

Attach a Funding Source

Without storing any sensitive personal data, attach a bank account or debit card.

Initiate a Transfer

Initiate a payment and move funds from the source account to the destination account.

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