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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get my accounts verified successfully?

Some tips to get your account verified -
• Take a clear photo/scan legal document where all the details are readable, not blurred. Eg. Driving License or Passport or National IDs
• Take a photos in an illuminated area with no shadows.
• Turn off your camera flash to prevent your documents from reflecting.
• Make sure that your Fibanq account name matches your legal document name.
• Your legal document is over 3 months away from expiry.
• An image of photo or photocopy will not work.

2. What are documents required to open Personal or Business Accounts?


You can upload an Identity document with address, or alternatively a bank statement or utility bill which is not older than 3 months.

3. How to create my multi-currencies account?

Go to Dashboard

- Click on Account to Create your new account in GBP/EUR/USD.

4. How to deposit fund into my account?

You can perform fund deposit in your desired Bank account

-Easily navigate your multiple accounts in GBP /EUR currencies, select to see IBAN/ACCOUNTS with Sort Code

-You can deposit fund from your own another bank accounts

5. Is my money protected?

Payment accounts and Mastercard cards are issued by Paynetics AD regulated by Bulgarian National bank issued with an e-money license 44/11.04.2016, Money is safeguarding by National Bank

6. How my accounts are secured?

Each account is secured by 2FA verification and biometrics information to secure your transactions and accounts. Accounts activities are always being monitored by due-diligence experts.

7. Countries or regions where I can transfer fund

We support Fast Transfer in the United Kingdom and SEPA = Single Euro Payment Area.

A credit transfer is an electronic payment from one bank account to another within the European area and in the currency EUR alone. The SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) scheme makes the transfer of money in Europe easy, convenient and fast.

What countries make up the 33 Country SEPA Zone?

The 27 EU member states are: Austria, Belgium, Britain, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden. The additional participant EEA countries are: Andorra, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Switzerland, and Monaco.

8. My account verification is rejected, what should I do?

On Dashboard you will be able to see your account status- If an account is rejected due to missing of any document or due to wrong submission. You can Verify it again by submitting the correct documents.

9. What is the monthly subscriptions fee?

Zero, currently we are not charging any monthly fee till further notice.

10. How much does the creation of a Virtual Card cost?

No charge, up to 10 Virtual Cards are always free.

Please ask for help at or Contact us!

11. Is there any transfer limit?

There is no transfer limits, however GetVirtualCard reserves the right to decide the no. transactions between accounts based on the account activity and based on our regulatory and legal requirements.

For the higher transaction amount we may ask the source of fund, the corporate would then need to evidence it with bank statements, invoices, and contracts and the compliance team might request additional information.

Download SOF form

12. What type business are not supported?

We are unable to hold account if you carry out any sort of business or business activity that relates to the following:

  • Escort, Adult and Dating with sexual intention.
  • Pornography / Prostitution.
  • Weaponry, military and semi-military goods and services.
  • Weapons (including weapons of historic significance), military software, or any other goods or services intended for military use.
  • Trading in precious metals, stones or art.
  • Running an auction house.
  • Cashback services.
  • Drugs, any substance mimicking illegal drugs and any product intended to be used to create drugs (seeds, etc…)
  • Chemicals and related products
  • Selling or trading protected animals.
  • Video-game arcades.
  • Selling second-hand cars.
  • Binary options or illegal gambling / trading.
  • Debt collection.
  • Tarot and fortune telling.
  • Trading in prime-bank guarantees, debentures and letters of credit or medium-term notes.
  • Individuals, entities, or countries subjected to international sanctions.
  • Nonprofit organizations and charities from countries outside of European Economic Area and/or European Union.
  • Unregistered charities are not supported from any regions.
  • Multi-level marketing, pyramid schemes, get rich quick schemes.
  • Trade of restricted and/or endangered animal species and products derived from them.
  • Shell Banks
  • Ponzi, Pension / illegal schemes
  • Unregulated Foreign Exchange businesses.
  • Unregulated lending businesses.
  • Unregulated Money Service Businesses (MSB).
  • Unregulated remittance businesses.
  • Unregulated casinos or Forex.

In case you are not sure about your activity or if you have any questions regarding our ability to accept it, please contact our support team before filling out our online application for the same.