Virtual Mastercard

No More Waiting for Plastic Cards
Get Instant Virtual Cards

Fully digital with virtual personal cards! Create cards instantly and manage them completely online. Use them for online payments, subscription and even card to card transfer with friends and family.

Control Your Spending

Track your transactions in our dashboard and receive real-time notifications every time a Virtual Card is used so nothing slips past your radar.

See a charge you don't recognize on your virtual card? Reach out to our expert support team and, in the event of a fraudulent charge, we’ll manage the case on your behalf.

Manage Multiple Virtual Cards

  • Generate single or multi-use cards
  • Send single or batches of cards in preferred formats
  • APIS put automation and scale at your fingertips
  • Business or personal use, one-time or subscription

Virtual Master Card

How to get Virtual Mastercard ?

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3

Open a Personal or Business Account

On dashboard, go to Apply Prepaid Card

Fill in Cardholder Details

Before you use prepaid card ,transfer fund to your virtual card

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Virtual Mastercard

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