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E-Wallet Top-up Software

Online Cashless Solution

Cashless payment offer simple, efficient and safe way to settle on-line purchases to value your business.

Spend Limit

You can set detailed spending limits and card controls for each card.

Recurring Payments

Receive payments periodically, without

Send & Request

Transfer and request money without account restrictions to any member.


Settle accounts twice a week automatically with the small fees!

Instant Availability

Instantly generated and stored online in your account, ready for use as soon as they are created.

Payment Link

Create your own account that allows to integrate your virtual card to accept payment!


Request your payment easily with our customizable invoice!

e-Wallet Topup

Get more customers by receiving payment via e-Wallet!

Accept any form of payment solution for your business

Equip your business with an integrated POS, or online checkout systems. Get the latest innovations in payments systems with GetVirtualCard.

Get Enterprise Payment Solution for your employees

For faster, more efficient, and cost-effective operations, streamline and simplify your payroll needs with GetVirtualCard.

Accept payments online without a website or app

Even without a website or app, you can efficiently create and send invoices to customers, as well process their payments within minutes, with GetVirtualCard Digital Invoice.

Accept payments directly on your website

Integrate an online payment gateway accept all forms of payment and deliver a smooth checkout experience for customers on your website or app. Every enterprise accounts comes with Merchant private keys.

Get VirtualCard is your partner every step of the way.

Payment processing solutions designed for rapid business growth and ultimate customer convenience.

24/7 fraud protection offers safer and more secure transactions, leading to fewer customer complaints

Improved your customers' experience with a custom checkout system.

Increase sales and market presence by accepting different forms of payment from all over the world.

Don’t miss a beat with real-time authorization, billing and T+1 settlement, as well as detailed automated reports and transaction notifications.

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