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Business IBAN Account

Easy and convenient way to get your business IBAN Account at any time, to make transfers, receive funds or perform other financial transactions. Get VirtualCard allows you to open an IBAN account online in 1-3 days, depending on your business structure! All you need to do is register and get verified. Activate a personal account free of charge and create additional personal accounts in other currencies.

Use Your Preferred Currencies in Your
Business Account

Open business accounts are all about convenience. Your company account is available to you 24/7 - via the app or web browser.
You can store money in three currencies - Euros, British Pounds and US Dollars.

54,520 EUR
Euro Main
52,600 GBP
British Pounds
40,000 USD
US Dollars

Get Multiple Account
for Multiple Payments

One dashboard to manage fund with up to 5 accounts, and monthly insights into your business spending.

Get VirtualCard Multiple Card for Various Payments.

Linked Debit Card + 25 Virtual Cards for Your Business.

Take 100% Control of Your Bank Security

3D Secure Payments

Be the first to know when your bank details are used online.

Biometric ID

Login with face or fingerprint ID for added security.

Instant Updates

Get notifications whenever your money moves.

Business accounts

Open your personal account just in 5 steps?

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With few steps complete your KYB- Business Account Verification , process may take 1-3 days

Easily open New Currency Account in EUR and GBP

Fund your own EUR/GBP Account form 3rd parties bank using IBAN/ Account /Sort Code

Get Paid or Pay to someone or even between your own accounts

Create your multiple Card and spend online

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