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Virtual Card Solution Provider Company in Lithuania: Go Green, Go cashless

Virtual Card Solution Provider Company in Lithuania: Go Green, Go cashless

The rising population is growing comfortable with digitalization and cashless economy. Virtual Card Solution Provider Company in Lithuania is committed to help its uses to safeguard their financial details and personal information. In the past, data breaches and identity theft were at peak as hackers could easily steal private & sensitive information. But with the introduction of Virtual Cards, there was a decline in the no. of cases of ID theft as these cards provided an extra layer of security when paying online by hiding the sensitive account details. Virtual Card Solution Provider Company in Lithuania aims to provide attractive facilities like Online Shopping Cards to make purchases online safely and securely & at lower costs. Social Entertainment Cards are issued to provide the best entertainment benefits and better expense control. Supporting management of travel, international spending and everyday business expenses by issuing multiple cards.



With Virtual Card Solution Provider Company in Vilnius, cardholders can keep a check on their everyday transactions, receive payment alerts and monitor spending easily. Users can limit the use of Virtual Cards by setting a spending limit. Virtual Payment Cards can be easily created & cancelled or can be deleted easily by raising a request anytime. The card is easily connected to mobile payment systems (Apple Pay or Google Pay.) Engage in customer loyalty & customer retention by providing them a peace of mind in this busy world. Sustainable choice for customers & businesses as everything is conducted online. Thus, creating a paperless environment by avoiding plastic card production.

Virtual Card Solution Provider Company in Vilnius & Kaunas are specially developed to promote cashless economy and remove global barriers in digital payments. A unique card number is generated for domestic and international transactions. Available to all personal and business customers, e-cards can be used to spend globally in multiple currencies with zero extra charges.


Business Spending Cards and Employee Expenses Cards can be issued. Help corporates in improved decision making and expanding their business worldwide. Help businesses in gaining a competitive advantage, managing cash flows & expenses faster and making payments to employees effortlessly.  Virtual Payment Card performs all the necessary financial functions at a low cost & great speed that a traditional plastic card cannot. People in Kaunas enjoy Virtual Card facility with a 24/7 service support with just a few taps. The goal is to provide a quicker & more convenient solution for purchasing anything from anywhere and at any time.


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