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Virtual Card Solution Provider Company in France : The future of Digital Payments

Virtual Card Solution Provider Company in France : The future of Digital Payments

Virtual Card Solution Provider Company in France introduced a mobile Virtual Card Payment Solution with innovative and attractive features to make global payments easily and securely. Traditionally, issuance of Physical Cards was a lot more complicated and time consuming. Customers used to wait for several business days after applying for Physical Cards. Traditional Physical Cards had a lot of drawbacks as they were more exposed to theft and fraud.

But with Virtual Cards, Customers can control their finances, optimize spending, and make quick & smooth payments through their phones or laptops. Thus, eliminating the risk of losing or misplacing physical cards.


Virtual Card Solution Provider Company in France has developed a modern Virtual Card system to manage business payments smartly and effectively. Supports a vast variety of businesses including online travel agencies, advertising agencies, PEDs & payroll providers, Insurance companies and so on. Allows easy management & tracking of all account history, outgoing expenses & invoice payments at a single platform.

Corporates can issue cards and assign them to employees. Set monthly and annual spending limits to have better control over the expenditures. The transaction will be automatically declined, if it crosses the specified limit. Statements of online payment & completed transactions can be downloaded and shared easily (in PDF format) for accounting purposes.

With Virtual Card Solution Provider Company in Paris, customers can easily sign up for Virtual Cards and enjoy account services in a couple of clicks. E-cards offers attractive benefits such as online shopping, flight booking, entertainment benefits, bill payments and payment of subscription fees. Easy download facility available via Google Play or App store.


With GetVirtualCard, cardholders can easily transfer money worldwide at any time. Allows fast & easy transactions even during night hours when physical bank services are not available. Virtual Card Solution Provider Company in Paris aims to give customers the gift of modern & frictionless payments.

Easy account registration for both Individual and business accounts with strong encryption & password protection. Citizens of Marseille can easily sign up for Virtual accounts by adding just a few basic details like customer's name, mobile number & email address.

Virtual Card Solution Provider in Marseille helps in online recording of all transactions -- thereby reducing manual dependencies. Being a low maintenance & cost effective solution, Virtual Cards are becoming more and more popular among the modern generation. In a nutshell, Virtual Cards are the new way to pay.


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