Personal Banking

Personal banking and Digital banking experience

Personal banking and Digital banking experience

Personal banking comprises of the products and services offered by banks and financial institutions. Here bank products are specially designed to provide finance solutions to individuals and families and fulfill their primary financial needs. Personal banking does not include business accounts which are created to meet the business goals.

GetVirtualCard is specially-designed for providing Personal banking in Estonia. Individuals can enjoy 24/7 web-based access to their finances, they need not visit a physical bank to open an account or to transfer money. Attractive features include single or multiple card creation for personal spending and timely tracking of the card spending. Other facilities like quick processing of bill payments and loans, timely recharges, online shopping on e-commerce websites are also provided. Through Personal banking in Estonia, individuals can enjoy better access to bank records anytime anywhere. Push notifications are available to enhance customer experience by providing information about transaction updates, security alerts, account updates etc.  



GetVirtualCard is also specialized in providing Personal Banking in UK. Now customers can say goodbye to hidden fees & enjoy domestic fund transfers and cross-border payments with just a few clicks. Users can easily create and register for personal accounts through their mobile apps or website. The user-friendly mobile apps are easily available on the Google Play or App Store for both android and iPhone users. The objective is to prevent any unauthorized access to any of the personal data through password security and sophisticated encryption.

Personal Banking in UK allows a completely unique banking experience to every smart phone user residing in UK. Even before the pandemic, Personal banking was popular among the UK residents. But after the pandemic era, more and more individuals are now shifting towards online and personal banking solutions in considerably larger numbers. The online platform offers a secure, smooth and effortless way to individuals to manage the personal accounts from the comfort of their home as the entire process is handled online.

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