Mastercard Prepaid Card

Mastercard Prepaid Card & Virtual Card Issuer in Estonia: A global payment technology solution.

Mastercard Prepaid Card & Virtual Card Issuer in Estonia: A global payment technology solution.

GetVirtualCard is a leading Virtual Card issuer in Estonia. A Virtual Card or E-Card is specially designed to protect credit or debit card information from being stolen, misused or mishandled. Easy sign up process, money transfers and account services in just few clicks anywhere in Estonia. Cardholders can review all transaction history, outgoing expenses, money transfers and invoice payments – all at a single place. A virtual card can be used for making online or in-app purchases. Provides an extra layer of protection when making online transactions by creating a Virtual Card Number. The goal is to deliver satisfaction with every online interaction.

With the introduction & development of Virtual Card issuer in Estonia, businesses can smartly manage, track and control online expenses in real-time. Card owners can set monthly or annually spending limits to have full control over the approvals and expenses. A transaction will be automatically declined, if it goes over the limit. With Virtual cards, users can shop online, buy tickets, pay regular bills, buy games, book flights, pay subscription fee, stream music online etc. When payments and purchases are made online, there are low chances of hacking or frauds.



GetVirtualCard is also one of the best Mastercard Prepaid Card provider in countries like UK and Estonia. Prepaid card is a simple, cost effective and effortless way to use and manage money. Customers no longer have to wait in line or pay for fuel costs as Master cards are more convenient and safer than carrying cash and are accepted everywhere.

Mastercard Prepaid Card can be used for online shopping, bill payments and expense management. Customers can activate and use Mastercard Prepaid Cards instantly without any charges or hidden fees. Identity verification is done, and once the verification process is successful, cardholders can enjoy attractive benefits offered by Prepaid Mastercard and make sound financial decisions. This online payment solution unlocks new possibilities for everyone to manage the money efficiently and get the most value out of it.

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