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About GetVirtualCard

GetVirtualCard is a cashless billing software provider. We provide multiple payment methods and merchant gateway integration to send and receive payments. GetVirtualCard is the easiest way to make a payment. We give your customers the gift of modern, frictionless payments. Integrate once and let customers pay however they want. With GetVirtualCard, you will be able to introduce your own payment solution for your customers and employees to use worldwide. The possibility is limitless with card products, digital banking and payment apps. We take care of all card issuance and technical integration payment solutions for your business. With us, you get everything from one source: modular end-to-end solutions, flexibly configurable white-label products and receiving money on your website is now easy with simple integration per transaction worldwide with GetVirtualCard.


Boost your sales with our service. Here’s how!

  •  Accept and process payments through multiple sales channels.
  •  Set up recurring payment to receive repetitive payments periodically, and split settlements to makes it easier for you to share payments     anytime & anywhere.
  • Track how our services boost your sales through our modular service portfolio.

eCommerce - Products & Services

  •  Easy to create online store features and electronic invoice supported by multiple business platforms. Collect payments in less than a minute.

Promote Sales

  •  Intelligent value-added services for digital banking, sales, and marketing.

Sales Tracking Solutions

  •  Data-based solutions for retail, analytics, and risk management.

Easy payment system

  •  A centralized payment solution for accepting cards and issuing payment.

Secure payments

  •  Security enhanced features keeping financial details private and transactions secure.

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